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The generic CMake Build should work also for 64 bit.

0.6 on Ubuntu

Build Characteristics

  • K-3D version: 0.5 / 0.6.
  • Build environment: autotools + gcc.
  • Requirements
    • gcc/g++-3.4 (hangs with earlier compilers)
    • Boost >= 1.33 or K-3D >= (else K-3D will segfault at startup)
    • see also External Dependencies


Unstable build performed on Ubuntu 64bit "hoary hedgehog". All necessary packages also exist in 64bit versions for Debian.

Thanks to Daniel Fort, we have discovered that on 64-bit Gentoo Linux, there are segfaults occuring with K-3D on KDE 3.4 and 3.5. Daniel suggests re-compiling all the dependencies if you get the segfaults.

Plib has to be compiled with position-independent code, unlike for 32-bit builds. You can do something like:

 CFLAGS=-fpic ./configure

Depending on how your gcc-3.4 is installed, various system variables need to be defined for the configure/make scripts to work like they should.

Build Instructions

Follow the Generic Build instructions.

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