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Plugin Status:Stable
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Name Value


Label Description Type Script Name
Layout Layout k3d::inode* layout
Axis1 Axis1 k3d::string_t axis1


AlternateArray1D can be used with the other array plugins to create "seamless" patterns by mirroring alternating objects in an array around an axis. A typical scenario would be to use AlternateArray1D as the layout for a TranslateArray1D, simultaneously spacing-out and alternating the orientation of the array objects.


Using RenderManArray1D with TranslateArray1D and AlternateArray1D
Rendered output, showing how every other object is mirrored by AlternateArray1D
  • Start K-3D.
  • Use Create > Polygons > PolyCylinder to create a PolyCylinder that will be rendered multiple times.
  • Right-click on the cylinder in the viewport and choose Mesh Modifier > Rotate Points.
  • Rotate the cylinder around its Y axis, so it will be asymmetrical with respect to the X axis.
  • Choose Create > Array > RenderManArray1D to create the array node that will control the number and layout of cylinders to be rendered.
  • The new RenderManArray1D properties will appear in the Node Properties Panel.
  • For the Source property, choose the cylinder.
  • For the Layout property, choose "-- New TranslateArray1D".
  • The new TranslateArray1D properties will appear in the Node Properties Panel.
  • You will see a collection of overlapping cyan bounding-boxes in the viewport. Each bounding-box is the same size as the source cylinder.
  • Adjust the Offset property X value so that the bounding-boxes do not overlap.
  • For the Layout property, choose "-- New AlternateArray1D".
  • Render the scene to see how every other cylinder is mirrored along the X axis.

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