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Every property in K-3D can be animated, you merely have to connect it to another property that changes over time.

Examples include the scalar and bezier channel objects. You can also hook a property directly to the output of your document's time source object.

Insert a ScalarMultiply object in that chain to slow things down or speed them up. This is handy for things that should just spin endlessly like an airplane propeller. Finally, there is a Path object that converts an input polygon into output motion.

Question: I am trying to move the camera in an effort to animate a fly by effect, the problem is I can ony seem to conect the camera position to another property that is a vector3 - this would make sense as a positon is (x,y,z) The problem is time sources are scalars. So how do I connect a timesource (or3) to something that will give me a vector3? Or is this a good opportunity for me to make a contribution by writing a new plug in?

Answer: Yes ;)

All kidding aside, you've neatly identified your requirement: a plugin that converts a scalar (time) into a vector3 (position). I (Tim) have been working on the design of the general-purpose components to handle this (plus rotation, scale, etc). In the meantime, you may want to experiment with the Path plugin, which takes time and a polygon as input, and produces a transformation as output - i.e. your child object will follow the path defined by the input polygon.

You should also look at the sample documents in share/documents/animation - these are scripted prototypes of the animation design, soon to be converted into C++ plugins.

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