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After converting to the Visualization Pipeline architecture in version 0.4, most animation capability was removed from K-3D for redesign. Version 0.6 focuses on a new single-window graphical user interface that builds on the pipeline. K-3D version 0.8 will incorporate a complete set of animation features that integrate well with the pipeline. In the meantime, some limited animation is possible using the property system and scripting. Some examples:

Flying skeleton created by Dan "Scalable Vector" Matthews
snow-thumb.pngParticle-system snow animation, created with Python scripts.
20040610-blooming_eversion-thumb.jpgBloming Spherical Eversion

Some animation produced with "ancient" versions of K-3D:

20030912-02-thumb.jpgby Brett W. McCoy
20030912-01-thumb.jpgFirst Animation
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