Camera DOF Diagram

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How a camera object can schematically represent it's DOF related properties.


  • Red lines indicate DOF by showing the size of the Circles of Confusion for a point source of light at any given distance from the Film Plane which is indicated by the blue line runing through the camera.
  • Green Lines show Field of View.
  • The black box with the blue circle is the indicator for the the f-Stop setting, the line passing through it to the second blue line forms a scale that indicates the Focal Length.
  • The third blue iine (where the red lines cross over) is the Focus Plane.
  • N.B. the use of arrow heads to indicate lines that run to infinity.

The size of the Circles of Confusion for a range of FStops will look like this:


fov = 30; screenx = 1024; screeny = 768; focaldistance = 400; maxfstop = 22; maxdepth = 1000;