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Thanks to the work of David Mart´┐Żnez Moreno aka Ender <ender -- debian org>, the K-3D stable tree builds on many Debian supported platforms. You can find the updated list at K-3D is available on Debian oldstable (etch), K-3D is available on Debian stable (lenny) and Debian testing (squeeze) distributions. K-3D (latest release) is not available yet on Debian unstable (sid) distribution.

To install the application using the 'apt' tool:

# apt-get install k3d

To install the development files:

# apt-get install k3d-dev

The applications can also be installed with 'dselect', 'aptitude' or any other tool that can manage Debian packages.

Debian archive processing

Which is the path a Debian package follows since being built?

  • Debian developer uploads the package to unstable.
  • Package starts to be autobuilt by autobuilders in every other supported architecture for the package.
  • If the package's upload priority was low (the normal situation) the package has to stay for 10 days in unstable in order to discover problems.
  • If all of its runtime dependencies exist in testing, and there is no serious, grave or critical bugs against the package, it migrates to testing, removing any previous version in that distribution.

K-3D's Debian Quality Assurance page

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