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Debugging Overview

  • Build K-3D with CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE set to Debug.
  • If you have a consistent way of crashing K-3D, start K-3D from the build dir using make run-gdb/fast
  • At the gdb prompt, type run
  • Do what is needed to provoke the crash
  • Switch back to the terminal where you started K-3D, and type 'bt'
  • You should now get a trace, showing the files and lines of source code that led to the crash

Debugging Exceptions

Debugging thrown exceptions can be tricky, because the backtrace at the point where an exception is caught often provides little information on where the exception was thrown. To get around this, you simply run K-3D in the debugger, and set a "catchpoint" (a kind of specialized breakpoint) that will stop execution whenever any exception is thrown. See the gdb documentation at:

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