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When a new document is started, a set of nodes are already present:

Name Type Description
Axes Axes This object is actually the helping grid that appears in the viewports. Try creating more Axes objects and experiment with their rotation and configuration properties.
Camera Camera Sets the position and angle of view through which you see the document.
Light RenderManLight Nothing would be visible without at least one light! The behavior of the default light is controlled by the "Light Shader" node, below.
Light Shader RenderManLightShader The initial light shader uses "", which sends out light in all directions.
Material RenderManMaterial Just to get you started, K-3D has been so nice as to provide you with a basic material which controls the appearance of nodes when they are rendered. The behavior of the default material is controlled by the "Surface Shader" node, below.
OpenGL Engine OpenGLEngine Controls the realtime preview rendering in the viewport.
RenderMan Engine RenderManEngine Controls final rendering of the document. Note that the natural render-engine of the initial document is the RenderManEngine, because K-3D encourages the use of the RenderMan subsystem.
Surface Shader RenderManSurfaceShader This initial surface shader uses "", imparting a plastic-like appearance to geometry.
TimeSource TimeSource Forms the basic of animation. By clever use of the pipeline system, you can animate various properties of the document by connecting them to the TimeSource node.
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