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K-3D is not for beginning developers - the design covers a lot of advanced ground within the C++ domain in particular and object-oriented design in general. Following resources are "must haves" for anyone who wishes to use C++ at a level beyond just "C with classes".

There are additional references to learn about 3D, CGI, animations, etc.


       Gamma, et al
               "Design Patterns"
               "Effective C++"
               "More Effective C++"
               "Effective STL"
               "Exceptional C++"
               "More Exceptional C++"
               "Modern C++ Design"
 Rick Parent
   "Computer Animation : Algorithms and Techniques"
 (this book is heavy on mathematics but is pretty thorough,
  if focuses on motion-picture quality animations)


       Jan 2003 C++ Users Journal - "RTTI and Contract Programming"
       A general discussion of the interface-based design underlying
       K-3D by Tim Shead.

Online Resources

       The Boost library -
       C++ Users Journal Experts Forum -
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