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Windows notes

  • As make/gcc toolchain, the OGRE package is recommended. It should be all that is needed.
  • Install under C:\mingw, and set C:\mingw\bin in your PATH variable
  • The pdiff module won't build using the above distribution. Deactivate it in cmake.
  • Under Project->Properties->C/C++ Make Project (after following the steps below), you will need to set mingw32-make as your make command. Under more recent versions of Eclipse, like the Europa C++ IDE, this is set under Project->Properties->Builder

Using Eclipse to work on K-3D

  • Create a new project, using the "Checkout Projects from SVN" wizard and add a new repository.



  • Select the "trunk" module


  • Check out to the workspace as a project named "k3d":


  • Convert the new project to a C++ project, using File->New->Convert to a C/C++ Make project
  • Create a "build" directory inside the project directory
  • On OSX and linux, run "ccmake .." from this dir, on Windows use the cmake GUI with the new dir as build dir. Deactivate colors to ensure proper display of the cmake output in the eclipse console. On OSX, observe the additional changes at the bottom of OSX Build.
  • Right-click the project directory and select "Build project". If all goes

well, a new k3d build should be made in the build dir. If this does not work, ensure that the C/C++ Make Project settings are as shown below.

  • From the Run->Run... menu create a run configuration according to these screenshots:

Image:eclipse_6_run_1.png Image:eclipse_7_run_2.png

  • In order to build from your CMake build dir, you need to set it in Project->Properties->C/C++ Make Project. The build dir should be inside the k3d project dir.


From now on, you should be able to start the k3d build using the "run" or "debug" buttons.

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