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In 3D Modeling there is a ridiculous amount of vertex pushing to get desired results. Normally the result that is being looked for is as simple as a smooth curve, if there was a way to get that curve in a much quicker way, 3D modeling would dramatically increase its speed. 3D effectors are the way to do this. The idea is simple. Effectors are vertices, First you would click the 3D Effector Tool which would bring up a Menu. Then you would click two vertices's usually on the same loop. They would be at least 1 or more vertex apart. These are called End Points for lack of a better name.

Once you have the End Points selected, you would click something like “End Points” within the Menu. The tool would then highlight or in someway show that your End Points are selected and Bring up a menu. You now select all the vertices in between the End Points, or the computer automatically does it, should be optional to have the computer pick them or you to do it. Once you have the vertices you want to be effected selected, you would click something along the lines of “Vertices Effected” within the Menu.

Lastly you chose the Effectors, which can be any amount of vertices's, within the vertices that can be effected. For the first example picture I show only one selected to make the idea clearer. You Select the Effector vertices, within the Menu you click something along the lines of “Vertices Effectors”, there is no reason why it shouldn't allow a End Point to also be an Effector to move straight Lines.


When you move the Effectors, they show a Curve between the End Points and the other Effectors. Which all the effected vertices snap to or close to the line to form perfectly smooth curves.


You do not have to have only one effector on the same line, you can have multiple to build or show the shape you are trying to represent. You can make multiple lines of End Points with Effectors on them, and they are saved within the Model to make vertex changes very easy later on. Just select and move an effector. Also the ability to only show effectors and End Points on your model, much like common Vertex modes we see today. The speed increase this would have on Model making is incredible, being able to quickly manipulate very high polygon models with only moving a few Effectors rather then seas of vertices's to define volume. Having the ability to define multiple Effectors on the same line is key to one of the speed increases this idea brings. Things like car Modeling would be far less of a hassle to get perfect shading without tiny bumps in them.


Quickly redefine the Head or Cheeks by only seeing the Effectors and End points, or grab multiple Effectors at the same time and move large volumes. Also the ability to put Animation Keys on effectors would make bulging muscles or facial muscles very easy and a lot faster on for the computer to process, as it is no longer calculating every vertex but rather a smooth curve and one or two Effectors. The Effectors can be thought of as the extremes of the model. They could be used to maintain shape when adding new subdivisions, so you do not have to go back and move all the new vertices. You could have crossing 4 different End Points using the same Effector to move vertices even faster and maintain volume and shape. You could bring in a Cube with hundreds of subdivisions and easily model it into a face with well placed Effectors. The learning curve for beginners would be dramatically improved, and professionals and companies would greatly appreciate the faster modeling speeds.

The first company to do this will easily be unprecedented in modeling speed.

Idea by Lyndon Nadel