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Note: Depending on your platform, these dependencies may be managed for you. Check Getting Started to see if there's an article for your specific platform.

Required Libraries

  • Boost - The high quality peer-reviewed C++ library collection.
  • glibmm - The official C++ bindings for glib.
  • OpenGL and OpenGLU - The standard for portable, hardware accelerated 3D graphics.
  • libsigc++ 2.0 - A type-safe C++ callback system.
  • expat or libxml2 - XML parsers (expat is preferred, because its API provides better error output during parsing).
  • Zlib - A popular compression library.
  • uuid

Strongly Recommended Libraries

Required for the standard K-3D graphical user interface plugin (the NGUI):

  • gtkmm - The official C++ bindings for GTK2 (gtkmm 2.4 or-higher required).
  • gtkglext - A binding between GTK2 and OpenGL.

Required for Python scripting functionality:

  • Python - The Python scripting language (Python 2.4 or-higher recommended).

Strongly Recommended Applications

Optional Libraries

  • Collada Dom for the collada plugin set. (Reader and Importer)
  • Lib3ds for the 3DSMeshReader plugin
  • Qt4 - Required to build the Qt graphical user interface plugin (a programming sample not useful in production).
  • FreeType2 - Required to build the Freetype2 text plugin.
  • Gnome-VFS - Required to build the Gnome integration plugin.
  • ImageMagick - Required to build the ImageMagick plugins.
  • libjpeg - Required to build the JPEG plugins.
  • libpng - Required to build the PNG plugins.
  • LibTIFF - TIFF image plugins.
  • CGAL is used for boolean operations since 0.7. See CGAL Boolean Operations for instructions.
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