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Extrudes selected faces along their normals
Plugin Status:Stable
Categories:All Plugins, Stable Plugins, Polyhedron Plugins


Name Value


Label Description Type Script Name
Input Mesh Input mesh k3d::mesh* input_mesh
Output Mesh Output mesh k3d::mesh* output_mesh
Mesh Selection Input Mesh Selection k3d::selection::set mesh_selection
Segments Segment number between original and new faces. k3d::int32_t segments
Group Faces Group neighboring faces together. k3d::bool_t group_faces
Group Normals When grouping neighboring faces together, use the same (averaged) normal vector for every face in the group. k3d::bool_t group_normals
Select New Faces Select newly-created faces. k3d::bool_t select_new_faces
Distance Distance between original and new faces k3d::double_t distance
Inset Inset value for the new faces k3d::double_t inset


Extrude Faces adds faces around the selected faces and moves the selected faces out (or in if its negative number)

Image:Extrude-3polysoncylinder-01.png Image:Extrude-3polysoncylinder-02.png

Extrude segments allow you to choose the number of edge loop created during an extrude.

Image:Extrude-ExtrudeSegments-01.png Image:Extrude-ExtrudeSegments-02.png

Extrude inset allows you to inset the edges, which is similar to scaling the extruding faces.

Image:Extrude-ExtrudeSegments-01.png Image:Extrude-InsetExtrude-01.png