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This articles describes how to download K-3D binaries or build K-3D from source. Thanks to the efforts of many volunteers, K-3D is available across a wide range of platforms. GNU/Linux is the main development platform and preferred operating environment for K-3D.

Platform Specific Binaries and Installers

First check the new Download section

Platform Specific Build Instructions

Note: If there is no tutorial for the latest K-3D version (0.7) on your distribution you should try with the generic CMake Build which should work fine.

Generic Build Instructions

  • External Dependencies - K-3D dependencies on third-party libraries.
  • Languages And Compilers - Notes on compatible compilers.
  • New in K-3D 0.7! Subversion - To keep up-to-date with K-3D development, use Subversion to obtain the source.
  • New in K-3D 0.7! CMake Build - How to build K-3D 0.7 and later from source on all platforms.
  • New in K-3D 0.7! CMake Targets - Nonstandard cmake targets that can "make" your life easier.
  • New in K-3D 0.7! CMake and RPATH - Details on how shared libraries are linked together at runtime.
  • New in K-3D 0.7! Running Regression Tests - Some tips and tricks on running the K-3D regression test suite.
  • New in K-3D 0.7! Eclipse build - Short tutorial on using eclipse together with the K-3D cmake build.

See Support for dealing with build problems.

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