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Entities to receive release announcements.

Social Networking Sites: (Need to nominate account holders on these sites to spread the word)

Render Engine Sites and Developers:

Project and file hosting sites:

University Faculty contacts:

Artists and End User Forums:

Related Special Interest Bloggers:

Magazines and Publications: (Some of these magazines have online forums that should receive notices.)

Operating Systems Distributions: (We only need a list of the major distros and 3d/Graphic specialists as the minor distros pull packages off the big ones anyway.)

*ToDo list of the RPM based disros.

Mailing Lists:

  • K-3D Developers' List
  • K-3D Announcements List
  • K-3D Announcements Forum
  • K-3D News Page (Wiki)

Video Hosting Sites: (Need a video demo of the new features to go on these sites)

Reference and link collection sites:


  • K-3D Wiki News Page
  • K-3D Home Page