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All error, information, and debugging messages must be logged to the k3d::log() stream using the K-3D logging interface ... no exceptions! You must also specify the log level of every message, using the iostream-compatible manipulators defined in k3dsdk/log.h:

#include <k3dsdk/log.h>
k3d::log() << debug << "This is an internal debugging message" << std::endl;
k3d::log() << info << "This is an informational message" << std::endl;
k3d::log() << warning << "Recoverable unexpected input or behavior has occurred" << std::endl;
k3d::log() << error << "Current operation cannot complete due to unexpected input or behavior" << std::endl;
k3d::log() << critical << "Application will shut down due to an unrecoverable condition" << std::endl;

Each message should be written to a single line of output, and you should terminate messages with std::endl instead of "\n" to ensure that they are flushed immediately.

By default, K-3D normally outputs warning messages and above. To print information and debug messages too, use the "--log-level debug" command-line option. For developers, the "make run" target sets "--log-level debug" by default.

Users can customize log output using a variety of runtime arguments. See k3dsdk/log_control.h and k3dsdk/log.cpp for details on how we tailor console output.

You are strongly encouraged to use the macros defined in <k3dsdk/result.h> to test for preconditions and other runtime problems in your code. Note that these are not "debug" macros ... they are always compiled into every build, so you may use them with expressions that have side effects:

#include <k3dsdk/result.h>
assert_not_implemented(); // This code hasn't been implemented yet
assert_not_reached(); // This code should never be executed.
assert_warning(Expression); // Generates a warning message if Expression evaluates false.
return_if_fail(Expression); // Generates an error message and returns from the enclosing function if Expression evaluates false.
return_val_if_fail(Expression, Val); // Generates an error message and returns Val from the enclosing function if Expression evaluates false.
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