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Image:LookAt.png Orients a transformation matrix to look at another
Plugin Status:Stable
Categories:All Plugins, Stable Plugins, Transform Plugins


Name Value


Label Description Type Script Name
Input Matrix Input matrix k3d::matrix4 input_matrix
Output Matrix Output Matrix k3d::matrix4 output_matrix
Target matrix Target matrix k3d::matrix4 target_matrix


LookAt generates a trivial transformation matrix that will orient one node to "look at" another. Specifically, LookAt takes the vector connecting the origins of its two input matrices (the "look" vector), and converts it into a rotation. Note that this process does not preserve any notion of a natural "up" or "down", so an object controlled by LookAt may be rotated around the look vector in nonintuitive ways.

See Also

ViewMatrix, which has explicit control over the "up" vector.

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