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The Main Document Window represents a single open K-3D document:


The window contains a menubar at the top, a tabbed shelf, the panel space, the transport controls and a statusbar at the bottom. Each open scene will have its own main document window, when the last scene is closed the application is exited



The menu bar always visible on the top of the main document window has the following menus.

  • File
    • New - Create a new document
    • Open - Open a new document
    • Save - Save the document
    • Save As... - Save document as new file
    • Revert - Close file without saving and open it again from disk
    • Import - Import geometry to the scene
    • Export - Export from the scene
    • Close - Close the current document window.
    • Quit - Quit the application, this will close all document windows.
  • Edit
    • Undo - Undo last operation
    • Redo - Redo last operation
    • Assign Hotkeys - Enter assign mode that let you assign hotkeys to menus and toolbars
  • View
    • Fullscreen - Fill the whole screen with the current document window
    • Maximize Panel - Fill the whole panel space with the currently selected panel
    • Pin All Panels - Pin all panels in the panel space
    • Unpin All Panels - Unpin all panels in the panel space
    • Hide Unpinned Panels - Hide all panels that aren't pinned
    • Show All Panels - Show all panels that have been hidden
    • Split Panel Horizontal - Divide a panel frame horizontal
    • Split Panel Vertical - Divide a panel frame vertical
    • Kill Panel - Remove a panel frame from the panel space
    • Aim Selection - Centers selected geometry in the viewport by changing its orientation, ie rotate the camera at the selected object.
    • Frame Selection - Centers selected geometry in the viewport by changing its position, ie move the camera to get the selection in frame.
  • Create
    • All objects you can add to a document sorted into categories
  • Scripting
    • Play Script... - Select a script-file to be executed
    • Script Editor... - Opens the Script Editor.
    • Record Tutorial... - Record an interactive K-3D tutorial
  • Help
    • Tutorials... - Opens the Tutorial Menu, displaying a list of interactive tutorials.
    • Manual - Open the manual in a web browser
    • K-3D Online - Open the K-3D website in a browser
    • About K-3D... - Open about dialog



The Toolbox is always located below the main menu at the top of the document window and is used to select Tools for interactive modification of the document. Below the Tools are the four Selection Tool modes.



The shelf is always located below the main menu at the top of the document window. It harbor objects that you might use often and need access to quickly.


Most of the main document window is occupied by the panel space. The panel space contain at least one frame that can be divided either horizontal or vertical, creating two new frames that can be divided in their turn (see Working_With_Panels.)

Each frame has a header that contain the name of the mounted panel, a pinned and a automagic toggle buttons. A different panel can be mounted by clicking on the name and make a selection from the pull down menu.

The following panels are currently available.



By default a Timeline Panel is mounted at the bottom of the window above the status bar.


The status bar at the bottom show instructions and important information and is never hidden from view. It also contain a Blackbox Recorder toggle button. When the Blackbox Recorder button is toggled a File Dialog appear and let the user choose where to save the log, and when untoggled the logging activity is simply canceled.

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