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 NGUIAboutDialogDisplays the current K-3D version and credits contributors
 NGUIAnimationTimelinePanelProvides a panel for manipulating the current animation time
 NGUIAssignHotkeysDialogProvides a user-interface for assigning menu hotkeys.
 NGUIKnotVectorControlProvides a custom property control for NURBS knot vectors.
 NGUILearningDialogDisplays a menu containing sample documents
 NGUILogDialogDisplays the contents of the K-3D log
 NGUIMeshControlProvides a standard control for mesh properties.
 NGUIMorphPointsPageProvides a custom property page for the MorphPoints modifier.
 NGUINodeListPanelDisplays the document nodes as a flat list
 NGUINodePropertiesPanelDisplays properties for one node
 NGUIOpenGLDialogDisplays information about the OpenGL implementation.
 NGUIParentToolProvides interactive controls for reparenting nodes.
 NGUIPipelinePanelDisplays the visualization pipeline
 NGUIPipelineProfilerPanelProvides a panel for profiling execution of the visualization pipeline
 NGUIPythonShellDialogProvides an interactive Python shell window
 NGUIRectangleControlProvides a custom property control for k3d::rectangle properties.
 NGUIRenderRegionToolProvides interactive controls for cropped rendering.
 NGUISelectionControlProvides a standard control for selection properties.
 NGUISnapToolProvides interactive controls for 'snapping' nodes.
 NGUITextEditorDialogProvides a general-purpose dialog for editing source-code, text, scripts, and shaders.
 NGUITimelinePanelProvides a panel for manipulating the current time
 NGUIToolPropertiesPanelDisplays tool properties
 NGUIToolbarPanelProvides the standard toolbar
 NGUIUndoTreePanelProvides a panel for displaying the undo tree