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 NurbsAddTrimCurveAdds a trimming curve to the selected patch
 NurbsCircleGenerates a NURBS circle
 NurbsCloseCurveConnects the 2 end points of the selected curve
 NurbsConeGenerates a NURBS cone
 NurbsConnectCurvesConnects a set of NURBS curves
 NurbsCreateCapCreates a NURBS surface filling out the selected closed curves
 NurbsCurveGenerates a NURBS curve
 NurbsCurveDegreeElevationTakes a curve of degree p and turns it into a curve with degree p+degree
 NurbsCurveInsertKnotInserts a new Knot with the specified u-value
 NurbsCurveTraversalCreates a NURBS surface while traversing one NURBS curve along another
 NurbsCylinderGenerates a NURBS cylinder
 NurbsDiskGenerates a NURBS disk
 NurbsEditCurveKnotVectorEdit the knot vector of a NURBS curve
 NurbsExtractCurvePointExtract the point at the given parameter value
 NurbsExtractPatchCurveExtract a curve from a patch at a given parameter in given direction
 NurbsExtractTrimCurvesExtracts patch trim curves as 3D NURBS curve approximations
 NurbsExtrudeCurveExtrudes the selected curve along a coordinate axis and lets you create caps if one of the curves is closed
 NurbsExtrudePatchExtrudes the selected patch along a coordinate axis
 NurbsFlipCurveFlips the order of the points for the selected curves
 NurbsGridGenerates a NURBS grid
 NurbsHyperboloidGenerates a NURBS hyperboloid
 NurbsMergeConnectedCurvesJoin selected curves with common endpoints into a single NURBS curve
 NurbsMergeCurveKnotVectorsInserts a new Knot with the specified u-value
 NurbsParaboloidGenerates a NURBS paraboloid
 NurbsPatchDegreeElevationElevates the selected patches in either u or v direction
 NurbsPatchInsertKnotAdds a new knot in either u or v direction to all selected patches
 NurbsPolygonGenerates a NURBS polygon
 NurbsPolygonizeCurveCreates a LinearCurve representation of the selected NURBS curve
 NurbsPolygonizePatchCreates a Polyhedron representation of the selected NURBS patch
 NurbsRevolveCurveTake a NURBS curve and rotate it around one of the coordinate system axis
 NurbsRuledSurfaceCreates a NURBS surface stretched between the 2 curves
 NurbsSetWeightSets the weight of the selected Control Points
 NurbsSkinnedSurfaceCreates a NURBS surface stretched along all selected curves
 NurbsSphereGenerates a NURBS sphere
 NurbsSplitCurveBreaks a NURBS curve at a given u value (0...1)
 NurbsSplitPatchSplits a patch at the selected u/v value
 NurbsSweepSurfaceCreate a Surface by traversing one curve along another and orienting it tangential to the traverse curve
 NurbsTorusGenerates a NURBS torus