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The Image:Node_properties_panel.png Node Properties Panel displays the user-editable properties for a document node:

Each property is labelled, and hovering the mouse pointer over a label will display a tooltip that describes the property in greater detail. To the right of the property label will be a control that can be used to modify the property value (Note: some property types do not have controls yet).

To the left of each property label, the Property Connection Button can be used to make, break, and examine connections between properties using the Visualization Pipeline. An Image:Plug_tool.png icon on the button indicates that the property is unconnected. An Image:Connected_plug.png icon indicates that the property is connected to another property.

To the left of the property connection button, User Properties will have a Image:Delete_user_property.png Delete User Property button, used to remove the property from the node.

At the bottom of the panel, the Image:Add_user_property.png Add User Property button can be used to add custom User Properties to the node.