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Generates a polygonal grid
Plugin Status:Stable
Categories:All Plugins, Stable Plugins, Polyhedron Plugins


Name Value


Label Description Type Script Name
Output Mesh Output mesh k3d::mesh* output_mesh
Surface Material Surface material k3d::inode* material
Columns Column number k3d::int32_t columns
Rows Row number k3d::int32_t rows
Width Grid width k3d::double_t width
Height Grid height k3d::double_t height
Orientation Orientation type (forward or backward along X, Y or Z axis) k3d::string_t orientation


The basic PolyGrid object can be transformed by a sequence of modifier nodes into more complex forms.


In this case BendPoints twice in two directions, selection of the outer faces then SubdivideFaces

Selection of the outer points and four separate ScalePoints operations followed by MakeSDS