Polygon Plugins

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Image:BevelPoints.pngBevelPointsBevels a surface at each selected point
Image:BridgeEdges.pngBridgeEdgesCreates new polygons bridging two sets of connected border edges
 CapHolesCaps (fills) holes in a polyhedron
Image:Dissolve.pngDissolveDissolves selected faces, edges and vertices
Image:ExtrudeFaces.pngExtrudeFacesExtrudes selected faces along their normals
Image:FlipOrientation.pngFlipOrientationReverses the orientation of selected polygons and bicubic or bilinear patches
Image:LSystemParser.pngLSystemParserGenerates an L-System object from a configuration file
Image:MoveFirstEdge.pngMoveFirstEdgeChanges the first edge for selected polygons
Image:PolyCone.pngPolyConeGenerates a polygonal cone with optional endcap
Image:PolyCube.pngPolyCubeGenerates a polygonal cube
Image:PolyCushion.pngPolyCushionGenerates a polygonal cushion (a cube with rounded edges)
Image:PolyCylinder.pngPolyCylinderGenerates a polygonal cylinder with optional endcaps
 PolyDiskGenerates a polygonal disk
Image:PolyGrid.pngPolyGridGenerates a polygonal grid
 PolyIcosahedronGenerates a polygonal sphere by recursive subdivision of an isocahedron
Image:PolySphere.pngPolySphereGenerates a polygonal sphere
Image:PolyText.pngPolyTextGenerates polygonal text using Freetype 2
Image:PolyTorus.pngPolyTorusGenerates a polygonal torus
Image:Polyhedron.pngPolyhedronGenerates a uniform polyhedron
 QSlimSurface simplification using quadric error metrics