Polyhedron Plugins

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 BevelPointsBevels a surface at each selected point
 BridgeEdgesCreates new polygons bridging two sets of connected border edges
 BridgeFacesCreates new polygons forming a bridge between two selected polygons
 CapHolesCaps (fills) holes in a polyhedron
 CollapseEdgesFor each selected edge, collapses its two vertices into one
 CollapseFacesFor each selected face, collapses its vertices to the centroid
 CollapsePointsMerge selected points into one point, positioned at the average position of the selected points.
 ConnectVerticesCreates edges between selected vertices
 DeleteComponentsDeletes selected faces, edges and vertices
 DissolveFacesMerges adjacent faces into a single large face.
 ExtrudeFacesExtrudes selected faces along their normals
 FlipOrientationReverses the orientation of selected polygons and bicubic or bilinear patches
 LSystemParserGenerates an L-System object from a configuration file
 MergeCollinearEdgesMerges edges that are collinear, up to a threshold
 MergeCoplanarFacesMerges faces that are coplanar, up to a given threshold
 MoveFirstEdgeChanges the first edge for selected polygons
 PolyConeGenerates a polygonal cone with optional endcap
 PolyCubeGenerates a polygonal cube
 PolyCushionGenerates a polygonal cushion (a cube with rounded edges)
 PolyCylinderGenerates a polygonal cylinder with optional endcaps
 PolyDiskGenerates a polygonal disk
 PolyGridGenerates a polygonal grid
 PolyIcosahedronGenerates a polygonal sphere by recursive subdivision of an isocahedron
 PolySphereGenerates a polygonal sphere
 PolyTextGenerates polygonal text using Freetype 2
 PolyTorusGenerates a polygonal torus
 QSlimSurface simplification using quadric error metrics
 SelectedFacesToPolyhedronOutputs all selected faces to a single polyhedron.
 SubdivideEdgesSubdivides selected edges by adding points.
 SubdivideFacesSubdivides faces by creating new center / midpoints.
 TriangulateFacesConverts input faces into triangles
 UniformPolyhedronGenerates a uniform polyhedron