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Displays a bitmap image on a resizable plane within the viewport.
Plugin Status:Stable
Categories:All Plugins, Stable Plugins, Annotation Plugins


Name Value


Label Description Type Script Name
Input Matrix Input matrix k3d::matrix4 input_matrix
Output Matrix Output Matrix k3d::matrix4 output_matrix
Viewport Visible Controls whether this node will be visibile in the viewport. k3d::bool_t viewport_visible
Color Color k3d::color color
Opacity Opacity k3d::double_t opacity
Bitmap Bitmap k3d::bitmap* bitmap
Size Size k3d::double_t size
Aspect Ratio Type Aspect Ratio Type k3d::string_t aspect_ratio_type
Aspect Ratio Aspect Ratio k3d::double_t aspect_ratio
Orientation Orientation type (forward or backward along X, Y or Z axis) k3d::string_t orientation
Draw Behind Draw the image so that always appears behind geometry k3d::bool_t draw_behind


ReferenceImage3D can be used to place bitmap images on a 3D plane within a scene, for use as a reference during modeling and layout:


  • Create a bitmap source to supply the image, typically BitmapReader. Select the image to be displayed.
  • Create an instance of ReferenceImage3D.
  • Connect the Bitmap property to the output of your bitmap source.
  • Adjust the Opacity property to suit your preferences.
  • Adjust the Size property to control the height of the reference image.
  • Use the Aspect Ratio Type property to control whether the image will be displayed using its own aspect ratio (typical), or stretched to fit an arbitrary aspect ratio.
  • Use the Aspect Ratio property to manually adjust the aspect ratio of the image.
  • Use the Orientation property to control which direction the reference image faces.
  • Use the Draw Behind property to control whether the reference image is always obscured by geometry, regardless of their relative positions.

Tips & Tricks

  • You can transform ReferenceImage3D like any other node, using e.g: the Move Tool. To do so however, you must select the ReferenceImage3D in the Node List Panel or by manually adjusting the Selection Weight property - you cannot select the ReferenceImage3D interactively in the viewport. This is so the ReferenceImage3D doesn't interfere with normal selection and modeling.
  • Use the Color property to alter the color of the displayed image.
  • Use the BitmapChecker source to display a checkerboard pattern.

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