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RenderMan Render Engine
Plugin Status:Stable
Categories:All Plugins, Stable Plugins, RenderMan Plugins, RenderEngine Plugins


Name Value


Label Description Type Script Name
Visible Nodes A list of nodes that will be visible in the rendered output. std::vector<k3d::inode*> visible_nodes
Enabled Lights A list of light sources that will contribute to the rendered output. std::vector<k3d::inode*> enabled_lights
Render Engine Choose an installed RenderMan engine to be used for rendering. k3d::inode* render_engine
Resolution Choose a predefined image resolution k3d::string_t resolution
Hider Hider Algorithm k3d::string_t hider
Pixel Width Output pixel width k3d::int32_t pixel_width
Pixel Height Output pixel height k3d::int32_t pixel_height
Pixel Aspect Ratio Output pixel aspect ratio k3d::double_t pixel_aspect_ratio
Default Atmosphere Shader Default atmosphere shader k3d::inode* default_atmosphere_shader
Default Interior Shader Default interior shader k3d::inode* default_interior_shader
Default Exterior Shader Default exterior shader k3d::inode* default_exterior_shader
Imager Shader Imager shader k3d::inode* imager_shader
Bucket Width Bucket Width k3d::int32_t bucket_width
Bucket Height Bucket Height k3d::int32_t bucket_height
Grid Size Grid Size k3d::int32_t grid_size
Eye Splits Eye Splits k3d::int32_t eye_splits
Texture Memory Texture Memory k3d::int32_t texture_memory
Render Alpha Render Alpha k3d::bool_t render_alpha
Pixel X Samples The smaller the faster, the higher the better (anti-aliasing) k3d::double_t pixel_xsamples
Pixel Y Samples The smaller the faster, the higher the better (anti-aliasing) k3d::double_t pixel_ysamples
Pixel Filter Anti-aliasing type k3d::string_t pixel_filter
Pixel Filter Width Filter width in X k3d::double_t pixel_filter_width
Pixel Filter Height Filter width in Y k3d::double_t pixel_filter_height
Exposure Exposure k3d::double_t exposure
Gamma Gamma k3d::double_t gamma
DOF Depth of Field k3d::bool_t dof
f-Stop f-Stop k3d::double_t fstop
Focal Length Focal Length k3d::double_t focal_length
Focus Plane Focus Plane k3d::double_t focus_plane
Shading Rate Shading Rate k3d::double_t shading_rate
Shading Interpolation Shading Interpolation k3d::string_t shading_interpolation
Two-Sided Two Sided k3d::bool_t two_sided
Motion Blur Motion Blur k3d::bool_t motion_blur
Render Motion Blur Render Motion Blur k3d::bool_t render_motion_blur