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Standard !RenderMan Shaders

This is the !RenderMan Interface standard set of shaders that all implementations are expected to have.

Surface Shaders

  • k3d_null
  • k3d_constant
  • k3d_matte
  • k3d_metal
  • k3d_shinymetal
  • k3d_plastic
  • k3d_paintedplastic

Light Source Shaders

  • k3d_ambientlight
  • k3d_distantlight
  • k3d_pointlight
  • k3d_spotlight

Volume Shaders

  • k3d_depthcue
  • k3d_fog

Displacement Shaders

  • k3d_bumpy

Imager Shaders

  • k3d_background

Additional Shaders

Surface Shaders


  • k3d_brick - Produce Shader "k3d_brick" not found.
  • k3d_brick2 - Need better defaults.
  • k3d_brick3 - Need better defaults.
  • k3d_brickanti - Need better defaults.
  • k3d_brickbump2 - Keep this one with vars for feture expression, dump the other brick shaders and rename this to k3d_brick.
  • k3d_brickperturb - Produce No DSO found for external shadeop: "snoise". Easy to fix, but see note above.


  • k3d_ceramic - Produce Shader "k3d_ceramic" not found
  • k3d_ceramictiles - Produce Shader "k3d_ceramictiles" not found


  • k3d_antialiasedchecks - Rename this to k3d_checkerboard.
  • k3d_checkerboard - Replace this with k3d_antialiaschecks.
  • k3d_checkerboard_solid


  • k3d_clay - Produce No DSO found for external shadeop: "MaterialClay"


  • k3d_corktile - Produce No DSO found for external shadeop: "filterwidthp"


  • k3d_bluemarble - Produce a No DSO found for external shadeop: "snoise" message. Easy to fix, it means that it can't find a function or macro called "snoise" (signed noise). But we should really replace all the marble shaders with a single one.
  • k3d_gmarbtile_polish - Produce Shader "k3d_gmarbtile_polish" not found. Did not compile.
  • k3d_greenmarble - Produce No DSO found for external shadeop: "filterwidthp"
  • k3d_veinedmarble - Produce No DSO found for external shadeop: "filterwidthp". Yet another marble.


  • k3d_brushedmetal - Produce No DSO found for external shadeop: "MaterialBrushedMetal". Easy to fix, this function should be included from a header file.
  • k3d_brushedmetal2 - Has weird pin holes in it... Replace this with one single k3d_brushedmetal.
  • k3d_brushedmetal3 - Same as above. Replace this with one single k3d_brushedmetal.
  • k3d_mondometal - Needs presets, looks like a variation of the uber map material, need just one with a surface type selector for metal , plastic, etc.
  • k3d_roughmetal - Produce No DSO found for external shadeop: "MaterialRoughMetal"
  • k3d_rustymetal - Fix presets.
  • k3d_skymetal - Yet another metal.


  • k3d_terran - Crappy and of limited use.
  • k3d_terran2 - Much better than above. But a toy of limited use.
  • k3d_saturn - Is this just a spline colored gradient?
  • k3d_saturnring - Fix. Need demo.
  • k3d_venus - Very specific use, looks like a variation on a cloud shader, consolidate.
  • k3d_venus2 - Another venus shader!


  • k3d_decalplastic - Ok, but nbeeds mods for base color etc
  • k3d_fresnelplastic - Produce No DSO found for external shadeop: "Environment"
  • k3d_incandplastic - Need presets. Maybe just add glow option to plastic?
  • k3d_plastic2 - How does this differ from k3d_plastic.
  • k3d_projectionmap_plastic - Another plastic, need just one super shader for plastic.
  • k3d_shiny - Does not work in Aqsis. It is another plastic but uses raytracing? A BMRT only shader.
  • k3d_shinyplastic - Produce Shader "k3d_shinyplastic" not found. Another plastic. BMRT only.
  • k3d_superpplastic - This is the one that should be used to develop the super plastic map to replace all the others.

Sky / Clouds

  • k3d_cloudplane - Does not work.
  • k3d_fakesky - Needs default color and more controls
  • k3d_mysky - Needs presets. Works ok. Need just one of these sky shaders.
  • k3d_puffyclouds - Same as k3d_mysky
  • k3d_planetclouds - Good as a layer, need to chech opacity is variable, and add color control?
  • k3d_spacecloud - Looks like a dark version of planetclouds.


  • k3d_parquet_plank - Works fine.
  • k3d_parquet_plank2 - Needs presets. Replace/merge with k3d_parquet_plank.
  • k3d_parquet_tile
  • k3d_plank - Need to group all these wood related ones.
  • k3d_superplank - Produce No DSO found for external shadeop: "filterwidth". Another wood shader.
  • k3d_wood2 - Yet another wood shader.
  • k3d_woodcut


  • k3d_contacshadow - What is this. How does it work? Needs demo!
  • k3d_craters - Produce No DSO found for external shadeop: "fBm_default"
  • k3d_crayon - Works but coudl be a preset for graphic_lines shader.
  • k3d_crayontoon - Needs better defaults
  • k3d_cs - Remove, duplicate of constant.
  • k3d_cyclone - Ok, but what about color control.
  • k3d_defaultsurface - Hmm, so it is...
  • k3d_depthcue_surf - Is useless IMHO
  • k3d_easysurface - Is useless IMHO
  • k3d_ember
  • k3d_envsurf - Ok. Need demo and dropdown for envspace choices.
  • k3d_eroded - No color controls.
  • k3d_eyeball - Need better defaults and is of limited use.
  • k3d_ez - What is this?
  • k3d_filament - Cool but needs work to be of much use
  • k3d_fill - What is this, can it be part of another "meta" shader?
  • k3d_fire - Produce No DSO found for external shadeop: "filterwidth"
  • k3d_flame
  • k3d_funkyglass - Looks more like oil on water rainbow effect.
  • k3d_fur2 - Needs howto.
  • k3d_glass - Uses raytrace. Only useful with BMRT (which no longer really exist, legaly at least.)
  • k3d_glow
  • k3d_gooch - Color control?
  • k3d_gradient_t - Nice, but can be made smarter with more options.
  • k3d_granite - Works but needs color control, displacement and variable shininess to be a good granite look.
  • k3d_graphic_lines
  • k3d_grass_surface - Produce No DSO found for external shadeop: "snoise"
  • k3d_grids
  • k3d_hair - Needs howto. How is this related to fur? Cull one? Improve survivor to have maps for fur attributes.
  • k3d_hdr_surface
  • k3d_hextile - Needs presets and displacement section or made part of a more general tile pattern super shader.
  • k3d_imagelayerclouds - Clouds, what clouds. Need to debug this one and make a demo.
  • k3d_imagelayergradient - What is the image part of the name about? Needs work, looks like a daggy fake chrome.
  • k3d_leather - Produce Shader "k3d_leather" not found. Parse error fix.
  • k3d_lensflare - Produce Shader "k3d_lensflare" not found. Bug in SL code crash out shader compiler.
  • k3d_luna - Add displacement? Combine with craters?
  • k3d_lunette - Produce No DSO found for external shadeop: "filterwidth"
  • k3d_oak - Produce Shader "k3d_oak" not found
  • k3d_oakplank - Produce Shader "k3d_oak" not found
  • k3d_orange - Where is the color? This looks like a displacement map.
  • k3d_orennayar - Need howto and test case to chech this is working. Only a demo for a local illumination method.
  • k3d_outlet - Cure demo of a SL programming method. Not sure of itäs general utulity.
  • k3d_outline - Not a usable result is a code fragment. Is related to toon shaders and graphics lines?
  • k3d_painted_constant - Class this one with graphic lines etc.
  • k3d_particle - How does this work?
  • k3d_redapple - A classic.
  • k3d_rubber - Base color and other controls?
  • k3d_ruledpaper - Needs better presets, most paper is not that shiny.
  • k3d_scartissue
  • k3d_screen - It is a grid, or a pattern with variable opacity. This is redundant.
  • k3d_screen_aa - Better, but same as above.
  • k3d_sdixon - Interesting. Needs howto and demo.
  • k3d_shifteddrtile - This is a code demo, needs to be part of a super shader for tiles and patterns.
  • k3d_shiftedmoontile
  • k3d_show_st - Good, need a set of these for different vars, or all in one with level vars to control.
  • k3d_skin1 - Kills Aqsis. Shader seem to compile ok, hmm odd!
  • k3d_skin2 - Sor of works, looks like a fake sub surf scattering method, needs better presets.
  • k3d_slateroof - Almost there, need tweaking plus better presets.
  • k3d_spaceshiphull1 - It is a tile type. Add to tile super shader.
  • k3d_srfdeformation - Needs howto or something.
  • k3d_star - Remove. Just show how to generate a graphic star.
  • k3d_starfield - Can't see a thing. Debug.
  • k3d_stones - Need better presets.
  • k3d_strata - Needs color controls, read 1D slice from map for colors?
  • k3d_superkagee - Needs howto, tutorial and demo files.
  • k3d_supertexmap - Produce Shader "k3d_supertexmap" not found. Looks good but need fixing, add to ubermap shader or keep both?
  • k3d_supertoon - Needs color controls, or merge with toonmap.
  • k3d_texblender - Produce Shader "k3d_texblender" not found. BMRT only. Take ideas and add to Aqsis friendly shader?
  • k3d_tooledsteel - Make this part of metal super shader?
  • k3d_toonmap - Still needs tweaking an better presets.
  • k3d_translucency - complex but a goodie, needs howto, tutorial, demo...
  • k3d_urbermap - Still needs tweaking an better presets.
  • k3d_velvet - Is lighting model demo code. Needs to be completed or added to surface part of super shader.
  • k3d_volcube - Needs howto and tutorial
  • k3d_wallpaper - Random placement version of pattern shader.
  • k3d_wallpaper_2stripe - Produce No DSO found for external shadeop: "filterwidth". Same story as above.
  • k3d_warningstripes - Make part of stripes super shader or use graphic lines shader.
  • k3d_water - Needs demo files or tutorial.
  • k3d_watercolor - Needs demo files or tutorial.

Light Source Shaders

  • k3d_arealight
  • k3d_causticlight
  • k3d_distant_shadow
  • k3d_hdr_light
  • k3d_hdri1
  • k3d_hdri2
  • k3d_indirect
  • k3d_shadowdistant_rim
  • k3d_shadowspot
  • k3d_slideprojector
  • k3d_softboxes
  • k3d_uberlight
  • k3d_waterlight
  • k3d_windowlight

Volume Shaders

  • k3d_altitude_fog
  • k3d_noisysmoke
  • k3d_smoke
  • k3d_smoke2

Displacement Shaders

  • k3d_brickbump - Produce No DSO found for external shadeop: "basicbrick"
  • k3d_brickbump3 - This one works.
  • k3d_bubbles - Better presets?
  • k3d_bubbly - Displacement values is in the wrong direction, is more like pock marks. Fix so scale is across and add ranges to get both.
  • k3d_castucco - Produce No DSO found for external shadeop: "filterwidthp"
  • k3d_celld - Produce No DSO found for external shadeop: "voronoi_f1f2_3d"
  • k3d_dented - Works
  • k3d_displacementmap - Works, could have blir var and mapping controls?
  • k3d_droop - Needs a howto, breaks on high values.
  • k3d_dturb - Produce No DSO found for external shadeop: "filterwidth_point"
  • k3d_emboss - Is the same as k3d_displacementmap.
  • k3d_fractal - Needs demo or howto or samples.
  • k3d_fur1 - Needs tweaking and a howto etc.
  • k3d_gloop - Does not seem to work on Aqsis. Just does grid of small white or black specks.
  • k3d_gouge - Is the same as displacementmap. Is in rahter than out, but one shader can do both.
  • k3d_grass_displace - Produce No DSO found for external shadeop: "snoise"
  • k3d_hexatile_bump - Not finished, tweak.
  • k3d_ridged_multifractal - Same as fractal, need to do one super fractal shader.
  • k3d_ripple - Needs howto, upgrade to one ripple set per axis, blended add or average etc?
  • k3d_round - Need to check code for this one.
  • k3d_square_ridges - Is variant of pattern shader.
  • k3d_stucco - Works well, vetter if layer of sworls etc were possible, ie. tool marks.
  • k3d_terranbump - Goes with surface shader of same name. But is not realisitc in scale.
  • k3d_threads - Interesting could be basis of a multi waves shader.
  • k3d_waterdisplacement - Is the same as k3d_displacementmap
  • k3d_windywave - Or another variant of fractal to go in the super shader?

Imager Shaders

  • k3d_bluescreen
  • k3d_clamptoalpha
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