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The main purpose (and the main challenge) in writing bug reports is giving developers enough information to reproduce the problem. In fact, fixing a bug is usually fairly easy, once you have a set of repeatable steps to reproduce it. After many years working with bug reports of varying quality, we have taken the unusual step of eliminating anonymous access to the K-3D bug tracker altogether. Our rationale for doing this is that it is basically impossible to fix bugs without two-way communication between developer and bug reporter. In a nutshell, if you want to get a bug fixed, you have to want it badly enough to contact us in person. We realize that this will undoubtedly cut down on the number of bug reports we receive, but we feel that the overall number of bug reports that are addressed will increase, while direct contact with users helps build the community.

The K-3D developers use the Ditz distributed bug tracker to manage bugs, storing bugs in the K-3D sources. You can keep an eye on our progress using the read-only pages at

Please take a moment to read the excellent (and enjoyable) paper by Simon Tatham on how to write useful bug reports at ... and feel free to contact the developers at any time.

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