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The following roadmap outlines our ongoing development goals for K-3D. Note that this document is deliberately vague - our intent is simply to establish some high-level strategic goals, while encouraging developers to follow their interests and cultivate "outside the box" thinking ...

  • K-3D 0.7 - "Data, Data, and Data ..." - K-3D 0.7 has been about revamping our data structures for flexibility and performance. To wrap up, we need to complete the transition to our new Geometric Primitive Design, Generic Geometry Selection, and Hint Mapping.
  • K-3D 0.8 - Stable Release.
  • K-3D 0.9 - "Interaction, Interaction, and Interaction ..." - K-3D 0.9 will focus on the user interface. We've already removed the legacy tutorial system, which was a significant barrier to UI work; next, we will completely refactor the way we handle tools, implement User Interface Testing, Viewport Refactoring, and create new texture-mapping tools.
  • K-3D 1.0 - Stable Release.
  • K-3D 1.1 - "Animation, Animation, and Animation ..." - K-3D 1.1 will focus on creating new animation and dynamics tools.
  • K-3D 1.2 - Stable Release.
  • ...