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With the coming of the new workflows, we finally have an architecture that can potentially support important performance- and feature-enhancements including real-time preview of subdivision surfaces.

The current SDS preview uses caching for increased performance. The report on this can be found at:

k3d-sds-preview.pdf Interactive subdivision surfaces previewing for K-3D


Here are some more more links to information about subdivision:

  • Course notes on subdivision of SIGGRAPH 2000. Includes a paper from Pixar at the end, explaining their adaptations to the Catmull-Clark scheme.
  • Basics of the Catmull-Clark scheme, with an example.

Skulpter is a little modeling app that does realtime subdivision, variable crease edges, direct editing of the limit surface etc.

It's very much work in progress at the moment, but it might give you some ideas. Find it at:

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