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Calculates the position of the Sun based on observer position, date, and time.
Plugin Status:Experimental
Categories:All Plugins, Experimental Plugins, Simulation Plugins


Name Value


Label Description Type Script Name
Latitude Observer latitude (decimal degrees). k3d::double_t latitude
Longitude Observer longitude (decimal degrees). k3d::double_t longitude
Time Time since 1970-1-1, in seconds. k3d::double_t time
Time Zone Offset Time zone offset in minutes, [-720, +720]. Note that you must adjust the timezone manually to account for daylight savings time. k3d::int32_t time_zone_offset
North Specifies which direction will be treated as 'North'. k3d::vector3 north
East Specifies which direction will be treated as 'East'. k3d::vector3 east
Up Specifies which direction will be treated as 'up'. k3d::vector3 up
Solar Position Solar position. k3d::vector3 position


  • SolarPosition computes the position of the Sun for an observer with given latitude, longitude, and time, producing a 3D vector that can be interpreted as pointing "from" the origin "to" the Sun. This position vector is suitable for use as an input with the IndigoSkylight, LuxRenderSkyLight and LuxRenderSunLight plugins.
  • To compute the solar position for a specific date and time, use ManualTimeSource.
  • Note that K-3D times are all UTC times, so you must set the correct observer "Time Zone Offset" for accurate results.
  • The "North", "East", and "Up" vectors provide a sensible default mapping to K-3D's XYZ coordinates. If modified, these three vectors must be orthogonal to produce accurate results.
  • SolarPosition is based on the SOLPOS 2.0 codes developed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory,