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Joaquin's Original Notes


2D tools
    • generic spline
      • edition
        • handlers
    • nurbs curves?
      • edition
        • handlers
    • ellipse (circle) rectangle (square) star, polygon
Tools from 2d to 3d
  • Extrude
  • Revolve?
  • LOFT
3d Tools
  • Extrude Edge
  • Create
    • Face
    • Vertex
    • Edge
  • Cut tool


  • Create manipulators for the different plugins so that most of them could be adjusted directly from the viewport

Organize right click menu and menu bar

  • Ability to create a separate text file for each plugin to point its node in a heriarchy on the menus?


  • Creating, enabling/disabling, organizing layers

Joe's notes on how he's planning to edit this page:

Beyond Wings 3D:

  • Remember to add in information about polyboost type tools, so that once we reach the level of wings3d, we can progress significantly beyond it.
  • Using curves, even if only as reference. Basically, we just need a draw and edit curve tool.
  • Multires mesh editing and sculpting. Consult the guy from sharp construct, and his source code, now worked into Blender.

Once the modeling on a component level is down solid, we should move into UV's and then scene layout features.

Notes on the article

We need also to check this articles and unify whats necessary: