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okay, first of all , I like the idea of k-3d. Just, there's a very small user base, support, and small abilities to integrate with other applications.

for example: I finally found the obj exporter . this should be in the File---> export menu, instead of a plugin. Also, the RAW export doesn't play nice with blender3d (blender can't import it) . And the animation on k3d is lacking.

my suggestion (as a user) would be to increase the export capabilities (.3ds, .obj, .fbx (definitely the fbx!) and also animation capabilities (find another renderer such as kerkythea,sunflow or something along those lines - and find a way to render animations - avi, .mov, .mpeg, etc - maybe using ffmpeg or something) as far as rendering goes, it is still buggy: Aqsis doesn't play nice with animations - it freezes when animations are trying to render, and Yafray just doesn't export properly (doesn't render stills at all) . Pixie is the only one I've used that works.

I also wouldn't mind seeing a good material editor (eg: make a gui instead of a plugin) - like 3ds Max, Blender3d, or Cinema4d.

And, I can't seem to find a keyframe editor at all - just a timebase. Do you think you could make a gui (and hotkeys) for the keyframes as well? okay, those are all my comments as of 3-22-08

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