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Two different workflows for texture-mapping:

  1. Create texture maps first (or capture images, or whatever), then generate UVs to match those textures.
  2. Generate UVs first, then paint textures to match those UVs.
    • Special case: 3D painting

Could we do something completely different that would break this field wide open?


  • Textured painting in viewports.
    • Need to clarify the relationship between painters and materials!
  • Storage for multiple sets of UVs, including their own topological relationships, "pinned" UVs, etc.
    • Are these part of the pipeline? Or something else?
  • Algorithms for automatic layout of UVs.
  • A separate panel type for manual editing of UVs.
  • New tools for modifying UVs, or upgraded tools that can treat them as-if they're normal XYZ coords.
  • Exporting UVs as bitmap reference images for painting textures.


  • Use face_varying_data with type "texture3"

Current progress

  • Current prototype plugins (local for Anders Stenberg, not submitted yet)
    • Modified texture_map/planar_map that generates coordinates (no real control over the mapping yet, just XY=>UV)
    • ngui_uv_editor - panel for displaying and editing UVs "manually". Currently only displays with no interaction
    • Updated renderman painter to properly supply facevarying data of type texture3

Initial test, with a textured grid