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How do I texture a scene?

K-3D texture mapping is in its infancy, so we'll texture the easiest object : a rectangle.

[Question: How? What steps should be followed to create a PolyGrid?]


  • Filter it with TextureMap object to create texture coordinates : Filter menu -> Mesh -> TextureMap

(In version this menu does not exist, so I think this tutorial is outdated).

[Comment: HELPPPPP!!!!!! Who can make this relevant and applicable to version 0.8?]

[When I teach people, I explain in the left column of my tutorial, what is the goal of a task; in the right column, what steps should be taken to accomplish that goal. I can volunteer to redo this after I figure out how this stuff works. Any volunteers to explain how it works? - Projektant]

  • Choose +Y Axis (since PolyGrid expands in +Y and +X directions), and choose a New PlanarMap in Mapping Type list.



  • Then choose your texture file by clicking on the browse button " ... " :


  • Edit a surface shader, if you worked with K-3D default document there's one named Surface Shader, and choose k3d_painted_plastic instead of k3d_plastic :
  • Then search for texturename parameter and choose New [[RenderManTextureMap]]; then click on the Input plug and connect it to [[BitmapFileIn]] : output :


  • Render!

Notes :

  • This process requires the Tiff plugin: it converts all input textures to the Tiff format which is understood by common RenderMan engines.
  • Above instructions yield the following Visualization Pipeline:


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