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In K-3D, a Tool layers interactive behavior on top of a document node. With a Tool, a user can click-and-drag the mouse within a viewport to modify their document, instead of modifying the properties of document nodes directly. As an example, the Move Tool can be used to interactively move a node within space, instead of manually creating a Position filter and adjusting its properties.

Some nodes can be edited with one or more Tool while most cannot, in which case their properties will only be editable through the general-purpose Node Properties Panel.

Tools are not limited to modifying node properties - they may create nodes, make-and-break connections between properties, and destroy nodes, depending on their purpose.

The following behaviors apply to Tools:

  • There is always only one Tool active at a time.
  • The active Tool applies to all viewports (there are no per-viewport Tools).
  • The default Tool is the Selection Tool.
  • For the majority of Tools, viewport navigation is unchanged while the Tool is active.
  • In most cases, a Tool will display a custom cursor or cursors while active.

Available tools:


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