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I will try using this topic to brought up and discuss some ideas regarding the current and future K3D UI (Kursad).

Current issues

  • We need a lot of clean up, and house cleaning regarding pull down menus. There are a lot of functions with technical names, and debugging reason sounding listings
  • We need to group functions properly inside the menus
  • Side panels are very cramped
  • The buttons on the side panels are very big. We can save and improve the workspace by resizing the buttons.
  • We need to come up with better color scheme for default UI. I personally think that current gray UI is boring and ordinary. My first suggestion is to go with a darker theme. Opengl models will look always better in a darker scheme. Here is a very quick and simple mock up to show my point. Please bear in mind that this is not what I am recommending, I am just trying to show a basic darker scheme . Eventually we need to work out on the interface in a much more deeper way.

  • Some pull down menus are quite long, they really challenge the user`s willingness to go all the way down in the menu.
  • The current layout manipulation is not very desirable in my view. For example resizing the side panel does not resize and move the buttons, they are burried by the panel seperator. The panel`s layout does not respect to orientation, for example changing to horizontal layout does not reorder panel buttons and items.

  • The side panels cannot be resized after certain amount, which is in my view quite a portion. If a user wants to resize it all the way to left or right, it should be possible.
  • Some shortcuts are not assignable, like "a" and "s". I assume that they are hard coded.

(...In Progress) --Kursad 18:02, 23 May 2010 (UTC)


(I will try creating mockup layouts later)

  • Floating panels with ability to dock and pin
  • Collapsable side panels. These can collapse to sides of the screen, if they are floating panels they would just roll up and down.
  • Region based panel activation
  • Minimalist UI, by this I mean a user interface where panels or any kind of information display happens when it is needed, else they are not on the screen at all. In many cases the user environment could be just an empty canvas.
  • Panel transparency
  • User customized color schemes and easy to use color theme editor.

(...In Progress)--Kursad 18:02, 23 May 2010 (UTC)