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Some info about me

  • Real name: Jorge Daza
  • freenode irc nickname: comadreja
  • freenode irc channel: #drqueue
  • My GPL project: __DrQueue http://drqueue.org__
  • msn:
  • yahoo: jorge_dazagb
  • skype: jdaza.drqueue
  • jabber:
  • google talk:

Some more background info

Since my first job I've been working on 3d vfx (r&d,developing,shading)... Some companies I worked for are Triple Factor (Spain), HD Spainbox (Spain), Digital Renaissance (Germany, as part of Digital Domain), later it became European Electronic Effects (don't know the reasons but DD stepped back).

At that time we were finishing the movie "Down", and preparing for Librium. Without DD, Librium went away too (don't ask me I was the developer ! :D )

I worked out the the whole HDR pipeline that was finally not used on Down because of the rendering times. Also many related shaders for mental ray.

Working with DD, I used Race quite a lot and attempted to get the better features from it when I started DrQueue. But DrQueue had to be working on a tight deadline due to the loss of DD tools, and so many changes and improvements have had to be applied over the years.

When the management of Triple-e (european electronic effects) couldn't sustain the company anymore, it was closed and declared bankrupt.

I returned then from Germany to Spain were I've been doing freelance work until I decided some months ago to go full time on DrQueue.

And here I am.

Now you know more than my mother.