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Anders Dahnielson
  • Name: Anders Dahnielson
  • Roles: Plugin contributor, technical writer

Anders, a business card sized cd-rom carrying member of FSF, have been around almost forever or at least since 2002. First as a curious user, later as writer of documentation, developer and web designer. He created the now unambiguous color scheme, slogan (sort of — but only after Tim pointed out "freedom" as the seventh freedom) and wrote the Next Generation User Interface proposal (which is now the current generation) together with Joe Crawford. Anders is currently acting as lurker-in-residence and body with a pulse in developer meetings when not penning glorifying bios of himself.


  • First iteration of python scripting engine plugin (completed)
  • First iteration of bitmap modifier and i/o plugins (completed)
  • NGUI proposal w/ Joe Crawford (completed)