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Watch this space, I'll be uploading my various experiments and test files here from time to time.

Examples of various K-3D features can be found here User:Dsmatthews/examples_dsm

My ToDo List

. Demonstrate how K-3D can already do parametric objects like these Dynamic Components in SketchUp Pro 7

.. Perhaps use a python spreadsheet to build interface for parametric object groups. I may be able to adapt NovaGrid to use GTK.

.. PySpread is another example, and Ocular may have some code worth looking at.

. Fill in the gaps in the icon collection as visible here, All_Plugins

. Keep adding contacts to the list here K-3D CRM

. Revise the work I did with the Renderman Shaders and see if I can write equivalent OpenGL Shaders.

.. This may make the task a lot easier.

.. This shows that is doable, but not that simple.

...Lots of Renderman Shader code here