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K-3D is a free Open Source 3D modeling and animation software. K-3D features a plugin-oriented procedural engine for all of its content, which makes K-3D a very versatile and powerful package.
Right now its strength is on polygonal modeling, nevertheless it still have basic tools for NURBS, patches, curves and animation.
Give it a try!


About K-3D
Using K-3D
Contributing to K-3D
K-3D News
K-3D displaying a one million polygon mesh on GNU/Linux

Keep in Touch
The K-3D team has created an Announce Mailing List to deliver the most recent news about K-3D. We will send information about new releases and new features ... low traffic, good stuff!

K-3D 0.7
We are planning a release of the unstable K-3D 0.7 build. K-3D 0.7 has a new, cross-platform build system based on CMake, and major improvements in scalability and performance. Binaries will be provided for Win32 and (for the first time ever) Mac OSX!

K-3D Completes the Google Summer of Code 2007!
Two students were selected to receive $4500 stipends to work on K-3D during the summer - see the outcome of the project at Google Summer of Code 2007 Report.

K-3D 0.6, released August 18th 2006, is the third major release of K-3D. All users are strongly encouraged to upgrade to K-3D 0.6 for its completely rewritten user interface, many new features, and significantly improved stability over 0.4.

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