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Features specifically requestedby users during feedback sessions show here. Most of these requested features were expected by users and or needed to accommodate their usual workflow

Feedback from supervised k3d testing sessions

OpenGL engine Wireframe Toggle

Backface culling toggle

Move vertices on their normals using the move tool.(In wings3d it is holding down ctrl while you move, but we can't do that, since we already use that modifier key. I suppose when the move tool can support more coordinate systems, one will have to be normal.)

Scale tool should pause when it gets to zero, and that you should have to move it a ways farther to get past zero. Scaling to zero is a very common modeling operation because it flattens things. An example would be that when you click on a handle, and drag it smaller, to become negative, the sensitivity would works like: 1, 0.75, 0.5, 0.25, 0 , 0 , 0 , -0.25, -0.50, -0.75, -1.

Our move rotate and scale icons are non-standard, indefinite useful standards exists that we could follow. Use the more obvious standardized icons like 3dsmax uses.

Subdivide edges should have a connect option, so that an extra modifier doesn't have to be added to connect the verts.

Problems with the inset spinner of the extrude tool causing self intersecting geometry. This is a major bug. (If you extrude a complex multi polygon section and try to set the inset to be fairly extreme, you get messed up self intersecting geometry.)

Under the render menu engine we need options entry to bring up the properties of the render stands it's rather difficult to figure out where the render properties are,most people wouldn't think they have to select a node to do this.

A viewport label and menu accessed by right clicking it should be added. Users are confused by viewport display settings. This menu should be able to toggle shaded/wireframe display or toggle between show wing of the scene lights and showing the headlight, as well as several other properties of the OpenGL engine/camera/viewport.

A heads up display for polygon counting, similar to that in Maya. useful data would include, Nsided, verts, edges, tri, polygons. scene totals, selected object totals, and selected component totals.

The knife tool needs a lot of work. Right clicking should exit the tool and go back to the select tool. It's easy to get stuck in the tool currently.

Merge meshes needs to be much friendlier in UI. Should automatically merge all selected objects.the plug-in itself should be able to handle an arbitrary number of inputs.

Rotate needs angle snap.

the transform nodes generated by using the manipulators should have editable numbers.

The sensitivity of orbiting should be higher. It would be best if this was set in the preferences file.

It should be possible to frame/aim component selections,instead of framing the entire object.

Frame should zoom to the extents of the object.

selection highlighting (a quick preview of what will be selected if the user clicks) should be added similar to Wings3D.

Selection highlighting should work as a temporary selection, so the modifiers can quickly be applied by simply covering the mouse over a component and applying the modifier. this can speed up work flow quite a bit and save a lot of clicks.

Shivesh Sharmamentioned that the background color was to bright, and that the polygon color was to write also especially because from certain angles the polygons become straight white and the wireframes become nearly impossible to see.

Feedback from Joe Crawford's own tests:

Cuts edges and sew edges would be very useful plug-ins. (Sew edges would be like Weld points)

As of version, connect vertices still has minor problems, mostly with conecting across concave (or flat sections of) polygons.