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Visual Angle Selector Target

When a user clicks-and-holds in a text box for entering an angle and they are holding down a meta key such as Alt a target icon is displayed:


If the user releases the mouse button while the pointer is within the target then the appropriate angle is entered into the text box and the 3d viewport updated.

I have carefully thought about the color choices for the target segment taking into account the need to allow for users with Red_Green color insensitivity.

The center Red = 0, so does the green at 12 o'clock or zero degrees with the magenta and blues on the outer rim being -15 and +15 degrees from zero. I feel this offers the most rapid and movement efficient method of angle selection.

While not necessary the target can also interact with the numeric key pad with the inner ring being selected with the following keys (starting at zero degrees and going clockwise) 8 9 6 3 2 1 4 7 the next ring is selected in a directional manner, e.g. first we press 8 to select the zero segment of the inner ring, then we press 9 to select the right most of the three nearest segments in the outer ring, then press enter enter to set the value of +15 degrees.

Other rings can be added to present 5 degree increments if required but this will require the target be larger, not that I can see a problem with that.

The target can also be used in the 3d viewport during the use of the rotate tools, in which case an additional meta key can be added to indicate the users desire to rotate and duplicate at the same time.

The VAST can bee displayed at 66% opacity with the currently selected segment being at 100% or the edge of the segment can be highlighted in some manner so as to clarify which angle is currently selected. Moving off the target while the mouse button is still down could be indicated with the target being rendered at 33% opacity etc.

The meta key can be replaced with a right or middle click in the text box and the mouse wheel can be used to drive the selection around the currently active ring with the selected value being shown in the center of the target.

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