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K-3D 0.5 / 0.6

The K-3D 0.5/0.6 release is focused on creating the Next Generation User Interface, which requres gtkmm 2.4 or later, a recent release of the official C++ wrapper for GTK2.

Developers interested in contributing to the GUI might want to read Programming with gtkmm, and the Gnome Human Interface Guidelines.

K-3D 0.4

The K-3D 0.4 user interface is built on top of GTK+ (version 1.2), the popular X widget set used by the GIMP and GNOME projects, among many others. By building on top of GTK+, K-3D can be compiled without source changes for most Posix operating systems, and Win32.

K-3D makes heavy use of the SDPGTK library, which wraps GTK+ using C++ classes. In addition to encapsulating GTK+ widgets in C++ objects, SDPGTK has the ability to load XML documents in GTKML format to create user interfaces. The GTKML files act as user interface templates, and are easily edited, allowing fast UI creation, along with end-user customization and internationalization.

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