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After significant effort (agonizing pain, frankly) we've finally developed a Win32 build that is fully functional and (relatively) easy to set-up. Although the Win32 build will likely never have the performance or features of the GNU/Linux build, it should be stable and usable in production.

Developers are still needed to maintain the Win32 build; there are several significant improvements to the build still outstanding.


Build Name Description Status
New in K-3D 0.7! Windows Build/MinGW K-3D built with CMake and MinGW, using native Win32 APIs Fully functional
New in K-3D 0.7! Windows Build/MSVC K-3D built with CMake and MSVC, using native Win32 APIs Work in progress
New in K-3D 0.7! Eclipse build K-3D built with CMake and Ecplise. This is generic but works with windows too, and you can work with a GUI IDE.


See Windows Debugging for advice on how to debug problems on Win32.

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