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Potential I18N Issue?

Font display problems on Windows, click to enlarge.

Note: This issue should be resolved starting with K-3D, which includes its own private copy of GTK/gtkmm on Win32. Get the latest installer at K-3D Downloads Tshead 08:41, 26 Sep 2006 (MDT)

Several users have reported problems with font display in K-3D on Windows. To date, the K-3D developers have not been able to reproduce this issue, users with this problem are encouraged to contribute any pertinent information on this page.

We think the problem might be related to the use of a non-English locale or alternate character sets.

You might try setting the environment variable LANG to C in a shell, then run K-3D from the shell and report whether it's of any use.

We also encourage you to try installing The Gimp, an excellent Free Software paint program that complements K-3D and uses the same user interface toolkit. If you do install Gimp, please contact us and let us know whether it has the same issue or not - if the Gimp doesn't have the same issue then we can try and figure-out what they do differently.

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