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The Panel Space


Most of the main document window is occupied by the panel space. It is the major work area in K-3D and can be customized on the fly. The panel space contains at least one frame that can be split either horizontally or vertically, creating two new frames that can be split in turn. Each frame can mount a panel, of which there are several types:

Panel Focus

Clicking on a panel in the panel space will give it the focus, indicated by a stronger border being drawn around it. Most panel-related operations affect only the focused panel.

Splitting a Panel

First we click in the viewport to give the panel focus.


Then we choose Split Panel Horizontal in the View menu...


...and the Viewport will now be split in half with an empty frame occupying the other half.


Removing a Panel

A panel can be removed by focusing it, then chooseing Kill Panel in the View menu.

Mounting Panels


The border of each frame displays the type of panel currently mounted in the frame, along with a pinned toggle button. A new panel can be mounted by selecting a different type in the dropdown list.

Hiding and Showing Panels

The easiet way to get more room for a panel is to give it focus and select Maximize Panel in the View menu. This will hide all the other panels and let the selected panel fill the whole panel space.


A panel can be pinned by clicking on the pin button. A pinned panel will be left visible when Hide Unpinned Panels is toggled in the View menu. This will let you select more than one panels that you want visible in the panel space while hiding the rest.

You can always get back to showing everything by selecting Show All Panels in the View menu.

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